How to Enable USB Debugging & Reset FRP in Motorola Phones: nougat & marshmallow (using tool)

Trying to reset Motorola phones and get stuck at Gmail.

To reset any Motorola phones running on Android Marshmallow & Nougat can be done only when USB Debugging is enabled.

As in Android Lollipop version, you have to Tap 8 times About Phone in setting to enable USB debugging.

But this option is limited to Lollipop version phones only.

With Android Lollipop or higher upgrade (7.0, 6.0 & 5.0), Gmail account popup whenever you reset the phone.

Moto phone asking gmail after hard reset

If you remember your Gmail credential attached with your Moto phone, then you are ready to go.

***Points to Remember

Unattached your Gmail account with Moto phone before Hard reset.

But in most of the cases, Users cant remember their Gmail credentials.

In this Post, we will come with tools & How to Enable USB Debugging in Motorola Phones running Android Marshmallow or higher and reset Gmail account.

As out there, some dongles & software boxes are available which can reset the Gmail account directly with one click.

But for One phone, its not worth to invest $ 50-100.

We will use Moto Service tool to to Enable USB Debugging from any of the version and use ADB command to reset FRP.

Like: Nougat, Marshmallow or Lollipop.

Tools & Software Required:

1- Moto Service tool

2- Moto phone running on Android Lollipop or higher version with phone asking for Gmail account.

3- USB cable.

How to use Moto Service tools to Enable USB Debugging & ADB Tool to reset FRP:

1- Download Moto Service tool & unzip it using Winrar.

Moto Service Tool

2- Run Moto Service Options & click on extract.

Moto Service Option

3- Run Moto Service & Click on next.

Moto Service setup in progress

Moto Service Setup installation

4- Motorola Mobile driver installation will prompt. Click on Next & Select I Agree. Driver installation will proceed.

Moto Driver Installation

Moto Driver Installation steps

Moto Driver Installation in Progress

Moto Driver Installation Success

5- As soon as Driver installation is closed. eToken PKI client will prompt for installation.

Install eToken PKI Client Setup

Choose Language

Accept the agreement

Click on next

Etoken installation in progress

Click finish to exit setup

6- Moto Service setup will extract the main application files. Moto Service Setup will appear and as soon as the setup get installed. It will launch Moto Service tool.

Launch Moto service tool

Moto Service tool interface

7- Run Adb tool & follow up the process for its installation.

ADB tool setup

ADB tool process

ADB tool interface

8- Connect Moto Phone in Factory Mode using Power + Volume down key.

9- As Driver has been installed earlier, Phone will get identified in PC.

10- RUN Moto Service tool.

11- Click on Option and select Port Setup.

Enter Port no. Click on Assign & select Done.

Tool will restart.

12- Under tool, select Power Test. Under the device click on Power test.

Select No, out of the two options.

13- Switch off Phone and using Power + volume down key turn the phone into Factory mode.

14- USB debugging will appear. Select Allow.

As USB Debugging is Enable now we have to run ADB tool to reset FRP.

15- Run ADB tool.

Enter command, adb devices and press enter.

it will list the Phone.

then on enter command, adb shell content insert –uri content://settings/secure –bind name:s:user_setup_complete –bind value:s:1. 

16- Restart the phone.

FRP has been unlocked, now you can access the phone.




QGDP Flash Tool

QGDP Flash tool is used to flash phone running on Qualcomm chipset.

.NET Framework must be installed on PC, to run QGDP tool.

It is used to Flash files with CPB extension.

CPB File

QGDP Tool with Drivers v3.0.7_161026_01: Download 

QGDP Software version


Download Qualcomm SmartPhone Upgrade Tool

Qualcomm SmartPhone Upgrade Tool: Download

How to USE Qualcomm SmartPhone Upgrade Tool:


This tool is used for the Qualcomm smart phones to upgrade software. This tool can support the MSM8916 and the MSM8909 platform,and can support Android software to download and Windows 10 software to download.

This tool’s name: “Qualcomm Smartphone Multi-Port Software Upgrade Tool”, it can support 16 COM ports synchronous download, it comes with md5 detection function, used for checking the software floder is lost file or not.

Note: Before you use this tool, need to install the Microsoft FrameWork .net 4.0, if the PC OS has not installed, please download it form network. In addition, also need to install the Qualcomm Smartphone driver, It is named: Uniscope_Qualcomm driver_V1.0.1.rar.

Function introduction:

  • Run The program

Please double-click the  icon to run,the main interface as shown below figure:

  • Configuration

The following will introduce some of the settings related to upgrade software, if there are some settings not mentioned, please keep the default state.

  • Loader Soft folder

This function is used for loading the software folder. For example figure:

At this point, we slecte the software is L600_UNISCOPE_B7_V0911B442_CS.bin, which we want to download, and then click the OK button to confirm. After loading, the tool will check the MD5 file

If check the MD5 file not pass, indicated that the software folder may have lost some of the files, this download tool will not be used. Only checking the MD5 file passed, this download tool can be used.

Select Com Port

This tool can support 16 Com Ports, in fact, which Com port is used, we will choose this Com port. Which Com port is not to be used, please don’t check on it.

For example, if we use the COM3, pelaese check on the COM3. As shown below figure:

If we choose a Com port, the corresponding Start button can also be used, As shown above

Note:    If you use the COM port is not between the default COM3 and COM18, please click the COM drop-down list box to select the corresponding COM port. As shown below:

Open Device Manager

This function is used to view the COM ports by the smart phone enumerated. This is convenient for the users to select the desired COM port.

Open Device Manager

  This function is used to open the tool’s manual, the users can see it, to upgrade the software.

 Steps and process of software upgrade :

The download steps are as follows:  

  • The first, to load the software image folder: click on the “Load Soft folder” to load.
  • The next, to select each branch to be used by the COM port, which COM port is used, please choose it, which COM port is not used, please uncheck.
  • The next, If you use the “boot mode” to download: first, support power supply for the phone, and then boot the phone. Finally, plug in the USB cable(At this time, the phone enumerate port is Diagnostics port). If you use the “power off mode” to download: first, turn off the smartphone, next, press the volume up key and the volume down key at the same time, and then plug in the USB cable(At this time, the phone enumerate port is QDloader port). We suggest that you first adopted “boot mode” to download.
  • Click on the “start all” button or “start” button to download software.


The download processes are as follows (use the “boot mode” to download):

Step 1: Please boot the phone to enter into the standby mode, and then plug in the USB cable.

Run the tool and click the Load Soft Folder  button to load the software folder, which the bin files in it. As shown below

We select the “i-mobile_IQ_513_DTV_V0912B494_CS.bin” folder, which we want. And then, click on the OK button to confirm. At this point, the tool will check the md5 file, as shown below

And then, click the Open Device Manager  button to open the Device Manager, as shown below

We click the Ports (COM & LPT) to view the COM, which be enumerated by the phone. It is , so we need to select the COM10 on the tool interface, as shown below

We click on the Start  button or the Start All button to start to download the software. As shown below

This Picture displays: The tool has found the COM 10 port, and then, start to communicate with the phone

The tool is downloading the software into the phone

Q & A:

The smart phone can not enumerate a port(Diagnostics com or QDlaoder com):

If download software failed, and then the phone cannot enumerate a port, at this time you need to make the phone to enter the emergency download mode to complete the download. So you need to do this: short circuit the two emergency download test points under the SIM card slot, at the same time press the power key, and then give the phone power supply, finally plug in the USB cable. At this time, in the port of the device manager, you can see a port appeared, which is a QDloader 9008 Com. Next, open the software download tool to start to download the software.

The two emergency download test points as shown blew (As shown in the red box):

The QDloader Com as shown blew (As shown in the red box):

  • The smart phone can not continue to download by a QDlaoder port:

If you download fail by a QDlaoder port(use the power off mode to download ), and you don’t have to remove the battery, you want to download again, the tool cannot continue to download. You must first remove the battery, it can continue to download again.



Intex Cloud Scan FP Flash File

Download Intex Cloud Scan FP Flash file or Stock rom and flash it with SPD Flash tool with Firmware.

Intex Cloud Scan FP v02

Intex Cloud Scan FP v04

Flash tool:

Lava A76 Plus Flash File

Download Lava A76 Plus Flash file or Stock rom and flash it with SPD Flash tool with Firmware.

Lava_A76 Plus_S110_20161018

Flash tool:

Intex Feature Phone Flash File

Download Intex Feature Phone Flash file. All stock rom has been used from the FTP & Firmware available can be flashed using Miracle Box.

We has latest Database of Intex Android Flash File.

Intex Feature Phone Link
Intex Turbo S5 v02 2NLCD Download
Intex Turbo S5 v02 AIRL Download
Intex Turbo S5 v04 2NLCD Download
Intex Ultra 4000i v06 Download
Intex Turbo 2400 v01 AIRL Download
Intex Feature Phone Link
Intex Polo v06 AIRL Download
Intex Neo V Plus FM v13 AIRL Download
Intex Eco 2400 v08 AIRL Download
Intex Eco 205 v08 WFM Download
Intex Cool I4 v08 AIRL Download
Intex Feature Phone Link
Intex A9 v05 Download
Intex Alpha Plus v06 Download
Intex Blade v04 Download
Intex Boom 2 v18 Hindi Download
Intex Boss v04 Download


Intex Feature Phone Link
Intex Brave v01 Download
Intex Candy v08 Download
Intex Charm v05 Download
Intex Cool I4 v05 Download
Intex Eco 105 v02 NLCD Download


Intex Feature Phone Link
Intex Eco 206 v02 NLCD Download
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Intex Feature Phone Link
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Intex Flip X8 v05 Download
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LYF Wind 2 LS 6001 Flash File

Download LYF Wind 2 LS 6001 Stock ROM or Flash File and flash it using Recovery mode through Stock Firmware.


  1. Rename the file to
  2. Place it in sd card
  3. Press & Hold Power + Volume UP
  4. Shift to recovery mode.
  5. Select apply update with sd card

LYF Wind 4S LS 5018 Flash File

Download LYF Wind 4S LS 5018 Stock ROM or Flash File and flash it using QPST tool with Stock Firmware.


Flash tool (Steps to flash)

LYF Water 11 LS 5017 Flash File

Download LYF Water 11 LS 5017 flash file, Stock rom or firmware


Flash tool:

SP Flash Tool : Quick Points

LYF Water 11 LS 5017: Use Firmware Upgrade in SP Flash tool to Reset FRP

Try to use Firmware Upgrade option to initialize Flashing.

While, loading Firmware in SP Flash tool.

Untick Preloader, which held responsible for Mobile life. If this file get corrupt, your LYF Water 11 LS 5017 will be dead.

Make sure to install Mtk driver to make communication between Mobile & PC (Flash tool)

While, installing Stock ROM. If the process get interrupted, it will result in Android logo with exclamation mark.

LYF Flame 7S LS 4008 Flash File

Download LYF Flame 7S LS 4008 Flash file or Stock rom and flash it with SPD Flash tool with Firmware.


Flash tool: